Sal is in trouble! Tokyo has been attacked by creatures from the Floating World, a Japanese genre of art from the ancient times. Sal and his co-worker, Tanaka-san, are now searching for Sal’s wife, kidnapped under mysterious circumstances and probably somewhere inside the Floating World. The only way to save her is to collect woodblock pieces, combine them, put them into a socket and enter paintings to make a way to her! Help!


SEP 12-16, 2019


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Sal is the main character of our story. He’s just an ordinary salaryman, a hard-working guy with a 8am to 23pm job. His wife disappeared under misterious circumstances. You better not make him angry..



Tanaka-san is Sal’s best friend of a lifetime. He’s being killed by Floating World creatures, hence he appears in the game as a ghost. Expert in japanese art, he always holds a book with which he helps Sal by reading about objects and creatures of the Floating World.


Damsel in distress

Sal’s wife. She disappeared apparently kidnapped by some of the creatures of the Floating World. We see her walking in a snow storm inside the Floating World holding her son in her arms.


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